Joanne Metzler Docherty’s book “One Big Family – The History of the Metzler family from Lancaster to Pittsburgh PA”, 1982, begins by recounting how Valentine Metzler aged 12, with his father Jost Metzler and his mother Anna, with 349 Palatines sailed from Rotterdam, first to England and then from Cowes, England, a leeward port on the Isle of Wight aboard the “Ship Glasgow” to America, arriving at Philadelphia on September 9, 1738.

Why did they come? What was the nature of the journey? How can we better appreciate the sacrifices and the difficulties that this momentous journey entailed?

This essay is an attempt to answer some of those questions. It was compiled by Father Warren Metzler primarily from two sources: ‘The Valley’s Palatine Pioneers’ by Don Silvius, and ‘The History of the German Migration to America’ by Dean V. Cunfer, both personal family histories of the Silvius and the Brobst families. We owe much gratitude to both for their research into the migration to America of both their families and ours.


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